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Call Us Now: +1 (870) 735-4214

Call Us Now: +1 (870) 735-4214


I remember the first time I saw a sign painter growing up, it was Mr. McGovern. He was laying out a sign on the door of a pickup truck, I was amazed.

Some years later, in 1982, while looking for work I ran into an old neighbor who worked for Naegele Outdoor Advertising. They were hiring. That was how I began painting billboards for a living. Painting billboards was no easy job. It involved climbing up to paint on-site or removing the faces for painting in the shop. At any given time there could be 6 billboards being worked on.

It was during this job that I met my future wife, Stacy. Stacy and I moved to West Memphis and I took a job at a local sign shop. It was at that shop that I was introduced to vinyl signs. Stacy and I purchased Gerber IVE sign maker and started working out of our house. We used any place we could lay a sign; the living room, hallway, anywhere. Stacy would order the vinyl and I kept a side job painting billboards.

The day came when the police were called to warn us against painting a billboard in our driveway, and we knew we had to find a place to work. That is just what we did. When billboard business was slow, we would letter trucks. Before long we were so busy with lettering trucks, we had to stop painting billboards.

We were the only sign shop in West Memphis, doing vinyl lettering and graphics on trucks, at the time and knew there were a number of trucks on the road and all of them needed signs. In 1994, Truck Graphics Sign Shop was born. Since that time we have grown and changed. Thanks in large part to the dedicated customers who continue to come back.

We do business with the following groups; Builders Transportation, Vickers Distribution, Armstrong Transportation, Tango Transportation, and many others.

We would like to thank our existing customers for their business throughout the years, and we welcome any new customers looking to build a relationship for the future.

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